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Does your OLLI provide transportation for members?

Posted on August 30th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Katy Crapo, OLLI at University of Georgia, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI provide transportation or make any arrangements to provide transportation for its members to attend OLLI classes and events?

6 Responses to “Does your OLLI provide transportation for members?”

  1. yes, we do offer transportation for an extra charge as well as offering a commuter rate.

  2. On occasion…last year we offerred our folks to the opportunity to attend a holiday concert followed by a lunch. The symphony hall is downtown - not a place frequented by the OLLI folks. So I rented a 10 person van (and drove it) for our OLLI folks. Rental plus gas was $50 ($5 pp). The participants LOVED it! The time away from the office benefitted me and the program - I had some quiet time for work-related reading and planning that is difficult to carve out once the academic year is underway.

  3. We are fortunate to have our own building. We do, however, experience a parking shortage, as undergraduates on campus can park in the lot at our building. The University offers a shuttle service that anyone on campus can use. So some of our members will park in a remote lot and use the shuttle. But I have to admit that most people, it seems, do not want to use the shuttle, and instead be able to park near the building.

  4. We offer a ride share program which is organized by OLLI volunteers, they arrange for rides to classes and events. One proviso is that we had to clear it with the college liability insurance types - it was fine so long as everyone understood this is basically a car pooling program among students, and the college liability insurance does not apply.

  5. Continuing Education, of which our Osher Institute is a part, has a van and we will occasionally take people on a special event (i.e., field trip) who would not otherwise be able to attend. The van is driven by an Osher staff person and is covered by University insurance.

    We don’t get involved in car pooling at all. We tell people that is their decision and they are responsible to determine who they are comfortable riding with and/or having ride with them. This statement was recently made by our associate dean: “If you are responsible for coordinating the transportation to get to/from the fieldtrips (e.g. working with the students to decide which student is going to drive a carpool other students) that has more liability for the University than if you let students communicate and arrange for that on their own.”

  6. In Wilmington we ask members who would be willing to car pool to add their names and contact information to a list which can be used by members looking for a car pool or a ride. Members make all the decision about who will ride with whom; because of liability issues this is not considered part of the offerings of our OLLI program.

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