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Has your OLLI created a promotional video?

Posted on March 13th, 2012 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Abbie Lawrence-Jacobson, OLLI at University of Michigan, Asks OLLI:

Has your OLLI created a promotional video? For example, a 2-5 minute video highlighting your OLLI’s offerings, volunteer opportunities, and experiences of members. If so, is it possible to view your video?

8 Responses to “Has your OLLI created a promotional video?”


  2. #2 by: Kyle Allen

    Hi Abbie,

    If you go to the OLLI Videos Online page of the National Resource Center website at you will find links to a range of OLLI videos from across the network. The NRC is happy to post links to online videos, so send in a link when you have your video ready for public viewing.

  3. The Osher Lifelong Learning Instutute at the University of Delaware has created a dynamic video which we are pleased to share. Go to and click on the picture for the full 9-minute statewide version which gives the most complete information. Shorter versions (less than 2 minutes) are available which focus on our OLLI programs in Wilmington, Dover and Lewes. Have fun making your video. Ruth Flexman, Statewide Osher Program Coordinator.

  4. We have just made our first. You can see it on our web page It is in the bottom right of the home page with a picture of the University of Virginia’s rotunda. Hope this helps.

  5. our broadcast students at SF State created an OLLI video - go to and click on video

  6. We (OLLI at University of Massachusetts Boston) has two versions of our promotional video produced by the university Video Production Department 4 years ago. It costs us about $2,000. I think it’s much cheaper to have it done today due to the advancement of digital video technology. The long version is 12 minutes and the shorter one is 6 minutes. To see the latter, please visit our website We use the video quite often when we do a presentation about our program. It’s money worth spending.

  7. Abbie,
    We made our film in 2007-08 in conjunction with our 25th Anniversary. I’m still really pleased with it and think it is standing the test of time.
    Good luck,
    Anne Wallace, ED OLLI at American University, click on video

  8. Dave Silverband created this video for OLLI at Humboldt State University in the Fall of 2011.
    Dave Silverbrand is Associate Faculty of Communications and Journalism at College of the Redwoods, columnist for the Times-Standard, and general manager of KVIQ TV 17 in Eureka, CA.
    We posted the video on our facebook page and are in the process of creating a link on our site called “OLLI-HSU…In The News” where we hope to archive promo videos, e-newsletters and press releases

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