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Follow up: Does your OLLI promote legacy giving as part of your fundraising plan?

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Lisa Barton, OLLI at the University of Michigan, Asks OLLI:

Following up on an Ask OLLI question that was posted last fall (, has your OLLI successfully promoted legacy giving? If so, I would like to learn more about how other OLLIs have done this.

3 Responses to “Follow up: Does your OLLI promote legacy giving as part of your fundraising plan?”

  1. We are just beginning to head in this direction. One of our members approached us about including Osher in her estate plan. Of course we were delighted. We worked with our Central Development Office to make it happen. They hadnled the interface with the member and the paperwork while we continued to enjoy and appreciate this member.

    Our next step was to offer a “Maintain Your Legacy” session with the director of planned giving. It was to be a light breakfast a short presentation to help people understand the options and to gently plan the initial seed that our Osher Institute needs these types of gifts. Our member who already included Osher in her plan was to be recognized at the session.

    Unfortunately we had to cancel the session for lack of interest which could have been due to the early morning hour, the short time frame we had for promotion or the content. We are in the process of reframing the session to be more focused on generating income in retirement while planning for your legacy. We will also be changing the time from 8 AM to noon and including it in our catalog as part of the lunch and learn series.

    We are alos on the threshold of kicking off our major gifts program which could result in some planned gifts.

    We enjoyed the help of a our continuing education development director for a year and a half. She has left and it doesn’t look like she will be replaced which leaves us questioning our bandwidth to proceed effectively with the major gifts program.

  2. Our Continuing Education unit does not have a Development Officer as well. We are working directly with our Development Office on campus. They have been most helpful!

  3. For a Fund Raising event, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Delaware in Lewes combined a silent auction with their “Instructor Recognition Luncheon” and raised over $6000. Every member was asked to solicit and/or contribute items for the auction.
    It was explained in the newsletter that for “those not familiar with a silent auction, let’s first determine what it is not. It is not a flea market, a yard sale, a rummage sale, or a white elephant sale. It is an array of paintings, clay art, stained glass, jewelry, baskets, gift certificates to various venues (restaurants, fitness centers, car washes, and almost anything a business or person is willing to donate); in short, things of value for which people are willing to bid”.
    The members were asked to bring donated items to the office for cataloging. The items and the donors were listed and communicated by bulletin board display and periodic emails. Items were also available for viewing
    The response was excellent and the members and their guests greatly enjoyed the event. Ruth Flexman, Statewide Osher Program Coordinator

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