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Has your OLLI celebrated a milestone anniversary?

Posted on August 8th, 2012 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Lucy Woodhouse, OLLI at Furman University, Asks OLLI:

Has your OLLI celebrated a milestone anniversary? If so, how did you celebrate it? It would be fun to hear ideas other OLLIs have on celebrating their special anniversaries.

5 Responses to “Has your OLLI celebrated a milestone anniversary?”

  1. Lucy, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last August. We held a dinner dance which featured a popular oldies band (The Hubcaps. Since I was the founding director, I did a presentation on our history. We recognized our charter members. At that point, we 58 charter members and 41 were in attendance. They received nice plastic name tags which say “charter member.” Many continue to wear them. We also distributed an eight-page anniversary publication which outlined the our history. We recognized past chairs and of course had birthday cake. Our University President and his wife attended and had some kind words too. We had a photographer there who took pictures on the spot and printed out copies which went in a holder - similar to what is done at proms. The pictures were free and were a big hit. Throughout the whole anniversary year we used a special 10th anniversary logo. Good luck and have fun.

  2. Hi Lucy, We have celebrated both our 25th (2007) and our 30th Anniversary last May. Each time, we have a lunchon with a key note speaker(this time it was Susan Stamburg and last time it was Jim Lehrer of “The Newshour”). We also always include learning opportunities, generally 2 lectures in the morning and a coffee break when they switch and go to the other lecture. At our 25th, we filmed part of our film, and for this one we did a history book called the “The Voices of OLLI” which is a compilatioon of what OLLI at AU means to people, and it came with mavelous headshots of the interviewees I’d be glad to send you both a copy of our 6 minute film and our history book. We had terrific turnout for both events. Good luck and have lots of fun!! Anne Wallace (AU)

  3. Lucy,

    Our OLLI Vice President, Jerri McLain provided the following information on ideas being considered for our upcoming 20th lifelong learning anniversary celebration at OLLI at UAH:

    OLLI Ideas for the 20th anniversary of the Academy/OLLI -

    A Recognition Program at which past presidents would be featured along with an animated history,
    a skit [players portraying key events/leaders, reading/reciting parts that would bring life to the history], a power point or slide presentation illustrative of the history
    Music sung by OLLI Singers, Dancers performing [Belly Dancing, prepared by Sue Chatham]
    A formal Resolution written and presented to the UAH President in appreciation of the supportive role the university has played in OLLI’s success;
    A formal Resolution for Dr. Karen Clanton, our Professional and Continuing Studies Director for her ten years of director-level leadership;
    Presentation of a scholarship to UAH from OLLI in the amount of $5,000/$10,000;
    A printed program that would list volunteer participants at all levels of OLLI;
    Extracurricular events scheduled during the year for OLLI members especially in recognition of 20 years - industry tours, lectures, cultural programs.

    Publicity to accompany these activities

    Regards, Maxine Doherty

  4. Hi Lucy,

    At the 30th Anniversary in 2010 of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Delaware in Wilmington, the name was changed from Academy of Lifelong Learning. Founded in 1980, the program has celebrated many anniversaries. A general format is acknowledgements throughout the year with different activities and then an Anniversary Program with special speakers and Luncheon. Recognition is generally given to all of the former Council Chairs and applause is given to those in attendance. Recognition is given to instructors who have taught 10 or more semesters. Different activities have been used over the years. Words written to a familiar tune and sung by all was fun. Poems have been shared. Awards were given for winners of the essay contest “What Lifelong Learning Means to Me”. Members who were 90 plus years old were interviewed about memories and highlights of their lives. Their stories were published and the members recognized with posters and introductions. A Silent Auction or other fund-raising activity has been held. The Newsletter published various aspects of history. High School pictures of members were posted and the membership tried to identify them. Every five years anniversaries are celebrated and the year is special and fun for the members.

    Have a festive and fun anniversary!
    Ruth Flexman

  5. Lucy,

    The OLLI at the University of Kentucky will celebrate its 50th in 2014. We have only begun planning a year of events related to it. We hope to be able to report more later, but here is what we are planning so far:
    * First we agreed on a finite list of outcomes that we want from our year of celebration. We are using that to decide the best combination of events and activities. We want to avoid planning unrelated events that are both exhausting and unevenly successful.
    *A 10 member SIG is researching our history. They are learning oral history and archiving techniques from faculty in our School of Library and Information Science. Their discoveries will result in a brief videotape usable in multiple ways. I’m hoping for a good attic cleaning as well.
    *Our Development Committee is incorporating the 50th anniversary in to our three-year plan.

    We will offer more details when available. We are glad to hear all the good ideas from other OLLIs.
    Congratulatinons on your milestone!

    Mike Smith

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