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Emeritus and retired faculty

Posted on September 20th, 2012 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Kathleen Dorn, OLLI at the University of Arkansas, Asks OLLI:

How do you recruit emeritus or retired faculty to become involved with your OLLI?

6 Responses to “Emeritus and retired faculty”

  1. First I have in mind topics that I would like taught. Then I get suggestions from members for possible teachers; sometime they pass on suggestions without my asking; I look at our Towson University catalog for names of courses and teacher; I look at other continuing education catalogs in the Baltimore area; I consult lists of lecture series in the Baltimore area. I explore every avenue I can think of for choosing topics and recruiting faculty. Jackie Gratz, OLLI at Towson University

  2. We have an emeriti newsletter. We periodically place and article there about “teaching your passion”.
    I was also asked to present at an emeriti lunch program.
    Barbara White

  3. After University Advancement sends the congratulatory notice to the university as a whole, I send a trial membership and program proposal form inviting them to not only attend, but to continue to teach what they love. I also send an invitation to the emeriti monthly lunch meeting and offer one, free one-year membership as a raffle prize. Once they attend - they keep returning!
    Kathleen Bryant

  4. Most effective for us has been a referral form another instructor or member. We also have “advertised” in the emeriti newsletter.

  5. These are all great ideas. OLLI at UNM has had good luck contacting the departments directly, particularly if we have a topic in mind. Most departments have list serves which include emeritus faculty. Like our best source of new members is happy current members. Our best source of instructors would be current instructors who’ve liked their involvement and bring their colleagues.

  6. At OLLI at the University of Nevada, Reno, these are the ways we recruit retired and emeritus faculty:

    1. Nearly all the emeritus faculty presented to our organization before they retired. They very much enjoyed the maturity of our OLLI members as students.

    2. Our volunteer Curriculum Committee has made every effort to encourage retiring faculty to join OLLI. Several of them are currently serving on the OLLI Curriculum Committee.

    3. Perhaps because the University of Nevada, Reno, is a land-grant institution, the faculty is encouraged to “give” to the community. OLLI at the University of Nevada, Reno, is a most fortunate recipient of the knowledge and talents of these fine professors.

    4. Reno, Nevada, is a small enough community that networking is fairly strong and it would seem that nearly everyone knows retirees from the University and the Community College who will work up stimulating courses for OLLI. We are often offered more courses than we can accommodate.

    5. Emeritus faculty who presented classes to our organization and enjoyed the experience recruit other emeritus faculty as presenters.

    6. As we do not give a stipend for those presenting classes to our membership, we are often in awe of the faculty and emeritus faculty who are so willing to teach at OLLI.

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