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Does your OLLI’s university or college have retirement housing adjacent to campus?

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Jo Brownlie, OLLI at Saginaw Valley State University, Asks OLLI:

Our university is exploring the possibility of offering retirement housing adjacent to our campus, which might be managed by the university or by a private company. Our OLLI offerings would be a major benefit to the residents. Is your OLLI’s university or college currently doing this? And if so, how is it working out?

3 Responses to “Does your OLLI’s university or college have retirement housing adjacent to campus?”

  1. We are not but I am intrigued by the possibility. It would be great to have retirement housing on campus and to have classrooms and office space for the Osher Institute in the same building or complex of buildings. Please keep me posted Cathy

  2. Hi Jo-

    We operate in a retirement community, so we already have lots of living space that is close to campus with retired folks. We are, regardless, looking at some nice mixed use space that would be both dorms and senior living and also have some other uses for the space along the lines you are thinking. We presented the idea to our students (OLLI) and most did not understand what we were trying to do. We finally got a group of 8-12 of our folks to do a focus group discussion lead by our research department on campus and determined it was a couple years down the road. We are a satellite campus, so do not have dorms yet, but since we will be accepting freshman on campus for the first time this coming fall, our needs are expected to change quickly and we hope this housing idea will be a way for people to connect even more than they are now. We now only accept transfers from C Colleges in the area and grad. students. The type of a partnership you are looking at with an outside source and your campus could make building a mixed use space easier for everyone.


    Hope this helps.

  3. Furman University has a 4 year old retirement Community located on its property. The community is Managed by Greystone Management Corporation. It contains an independent living, assisted living and memory care unit. We offered all charter residents a free one year, 15 course package membership (that the managment company paid for)all residents moving in now (who are not considered charter members) are given three free classes (that OLLI at Furman pays for). Furman and the Woodlands have worked out many, many partnerships (including several Furman trustees who sit on the Woodlands Board) and I believe they are seeing Furman faculty and alumni retiring there in pleasing amounts. The relationship is developing as we all figure out the beset ways to support one another.

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