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Has your OLLI offered courses in holistic health and wellness?

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Beth Leconte, OLLI at the University of Rhode Island, Asks OLLI:

Has your OLLI offered courses in holistic health and wellness such as yoga, meditation, chakras, drumming, or mindful drawing? If yes, have they been successful?

8 Responses to “Has your OLLI offered courses in holistic health and wellness?”

  1. We are currently offering an “Improve your Walking Class” and in the past have offered body awareness and medidation.
    We do have a small following for these and some of our most popular classes are historical walking tours which combine health and discovery!

  2. Health and wellness is a very popular topic at our OLLI. We’ve offered nutrition and a “health issues” series that covers a variety of topics. Those are both conventional science-based so probably aren’t what you mean by “holistic.” Yoga is an ever-popular exercise class. The classes that sound most like the examples you gave are Self-Hypnosis and Zentangle (mindful drawing), which were both very popular as well.

  3. Health and wellness are also popular at our OLLI. This term we have 2 Tai Chi classes running concurrently, several nutrition (vegetarian) classes. In the past our yoga and labyrinth walking classes have always sold out.

    We haven’t yet had requests for meditation, chakras, drumming, or mindful drawing but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or more of them on the member wish list soon.

  4. To attact more of our 50-65 crowd this last year we offered one class “Aging Gracefully: Your future Self” which covered self-improvement and making quality health choices. It was very popular. We also have started offering more outdoor programs such as kayaking, walking on birding trips classes in yoga (Finding Your Balance in Nature — yes it was outdoors!)as we can take advantage of our warm weather on the NC coast which we consider examples of keeping good health and wellness. Those classes are starting out small but we have tapped into a different audience.

  5. Yes, we have offered Tai Chi and Meditation. Also offer many health and fitness classes like Exercise Science, Build-a-Bone, Walking for Health, Herbal Medicine, Herbal Preparedness, Restorative Exercise, Deciphering Food Labels. All have been successful.

  6. I’ve just been the director here at Boise State’s OLLI since January but my understanding is that once, about three years ago a Yoga class was offered and not a soul signed up for it! I am interested in offering a wellness course this spring in the evenings to appeal more to the 50 to 60 year old members who are still working full time and are not able to attend classes during the day. This fall we are reinstating a hiking special interest group that had lapsed.

  7. We have been offering a Tai Chi class which is getting more popular. We offer it midday during the 12-1 hour a couple of times per week. We are just going to offer a FUN WITH MASSAGE class starting next month. It will include some lecture on history of massage, spa, etc and then a “lab” component to teach members to do shoulder, neck, and hand massage a bit.

  8. OLLI at Humboldt State University offers wellness classes each semester. This spring wellness classes include Gentle Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. We also offer lectures and writing classes that focus on wellness. Two examples of courses offered currently are below.

    The Way of Wellness- a course exploring simple time-tested principles of wellness and practical ideas for increasing your physical and emotional well-being that you can put into practice immediately.

    Making Art, An Alchemical Path to Healing- a class exploring what Carl Jung discovered: that artistic expression, like alchemy, can assist in the process of transformation and healing from life’s challenges.

    Our wellness classes are well attended. Due to the volume of wellness classes, we include the subjects “Health” and “Self” in our bulletin’s topical index so that our members know right where to go!

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