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Does your OLLI use TED Talks?

Posted on May 10th, 2013 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Terry Aaronson, OLLI at Florida State University, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI offer any classes designed around TED talks - and if so, how is it presented?

4 Responses to “Does your OLLI use TED Talks?”

  1. I led a TED class last summer in which I gave some background on what TED is, how to set up a TED login, showed some TED talks and then asked the students to find TED talks that they would watch between classes and then come prepared to lead a discussion on. We watched and discussed the selected talks. Here’s the class description we used: A World of Ideas: TED Talks
    viewing, discussion
    New! The nonprofit organization
    TED ( promotes the power
    of ideas to change the world. We will
    view and discuss several of the short
    TED talks on a wide variety of topics.
    Students will help select the talks
    and are encouraged to view one or
    two talks before the first class session
    and make notes of their thoughts
    about the talks.

  2. #2 by: Anne Cardale

    Beth Leconte, OLLI at URI, says:
    “Not yet but has been discussed!”

    Jessie Tromberg, OLLI at UCI, says:
    “Yes, our Olli occasionally uses TEDTALKS, but always with our own Presenter who follows up with additional commentary and discussion.”

  3. UAF-OLLI held a “TED Talks” 4-week class Fall 2012 that was so popular we held 2 sections of TED Talks Spring 2013. We had an instructor/ moderator who organized and led the class. At the first class meeting, they viewed several TED talks selected by the instructor. For subsequent classes, the participants agreed on talks they wanted to view together and discuss.

  4. We don’t offer TED courses at UNC Asheville, but at OLLI at Duke University we had a member who offered (and continues to offer) courses where he would choose TEDTalks related to a certain theme and would also send out links to further reading. The class would watch the talks as a group and then spend time discussing. The course was always very well-subscribed. People loved the opportunity to share their reactions and to explore new ideas both with one another and with friends or family who did not attend the class.

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