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Is your OLLI using video conferencing equipment?

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

John Woods, OLLI at George Mason, Asks OLLI: Is your OLLI using video conferencing equipment?

OLLI at George Mason has purchased a video conferencing system to be used for classes and is also planning to use it for staff meetings as we have both volunteer coordinators and program people at our three sites as well as part-time staff at our remote sites.

Do you have any videoconferencing tips to share with OLLI at GMU? How are you using your videoconferencing system? Have you used it for staff meetings or committee meetings? Courses? Presentations? Communications or sharing classes between OLLIs?

One Response to “Is your OLLI using video conferencing equipment?”

  1. #1 by: Anne Cardale

    Comment provided by Wichian Rojanawon. OLLI at UMASS:

    OLLI at UMass Boston has been providing video conference courses to our members since 2005. This upcoming semester we will offer 9 video conference courses and 5 one-time lectures. We have two offsite locations to where we broadcast these video conference courses. We rarely use this technology for meetings due to the limited availability of our main classroom where the video conference is being originated. We purchased a portable system (POLYCOM) for one of our offsite locations two years ago and it has been working very well.

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