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Do you distribute annual evaluations to your membership?

Posted on September 25th, 2013 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Llana Levine, OLLI at Brandeis University, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI distribute annual evaluations of the program (opinions about staff, facilities, price, etc.) to its membership? Do you have a policy about making such evaluations public?

7 Responses to “Do you distribute annual evaluations to your membership?”

  1. We do a Customer Satisfaction Survey every other spring. This has been done three times now so we are able to track satisfaction levels and member demographic information. Each time we also include a few unique questions regarding issues of importance at that time. It’s sent out via Survey Monkey to those with emails and we mail hard copies to those we don’t have emails for. Full results are shared with my advisory board. A summary of key findings are listed in our newsletter.

  2. #2 by: Anne Cardale

    Posted on behalf of Mary Kay Shartle Galotto, OLLI at Johns Hopkins

    We have just moved from a labor intensive process of paper evaluations, which had to be distributed, collected, reviewed, collated and then sent to instructors to using Survey Monkey which does it much more efficiently and quickly. We still have some paper copies available for our rapidly shrinking number of members who don\’t have/use email.

  3. We do program and class evaluations every term. Neither are distributed to the general membership.

  4. We ask members to complete a “Membership Survey” each spring through Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is free for ten questions or less and it’s easy to compile and collect feedback. This works well and provides good suggestions for curriculum development. The survey allows us to take a pulse for how OLLI is received and what we’re doing well as well as what we might do to improve.
    We’ve also used Survey Monkey to develop general interest surveys and compile results as we’ve expanded into new locations.
    We utilize an electronic survey system for classes and though the response is not as high as with paper surveys, the time and delay to compile data has been much reduced and I believe students are more candid. We have better feedback faster.

  5. we do course evaluations/surveys for each class which are open to the curiculum committee to see

    we do a membership survey once a year and presented to results to the leadership council with an invite to all membership to attend the meeting to see results

    We will publish and distribute to our OLLI members an annual \”Snap Shot\” of our OLLI and our highlights.

  6. We do an annual membership survey to determine importance of programs and services and satisfaction with programs and services. We also ask demographic questions and timely questions. We use Survey Monkey. This year we plan to respond to all members with the results of the survey and answer any questions that may have come forth from it. We view this as a way to let them know we contemplate their feedback and take action when appropriate. We also share the full results with the board. I’d be happy to share our recent annual membership survey with anyone who wishes to see it.

  7. OLLI @ Furman does a member-wide, organizational scope survey every three years that consists of no more than about 25 questions. This survey is overseen by the Long Term Planning Committee and Executive Council. Some are the same questions to sort of keep the pulse on areas. We also poll our committees to ask what they are interested in learning to come up with new questions. We use survey monkey and have great luck at getting over half the membership to respond. We also do term to term course evaluations, we will sometimes throw in a question or two in those surveys if we want to float an idea by the membership. These also are done with Survey Monkey. And thankfully we use a student worker who downloads and delivers the results to our instructors after staff and Faculty Support Committee members review them.

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