OLLI Authors: Non-Fiction

Tamim Ansary
- Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

Published: 2009
Publisher: Public Affairs
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Public Affairs
Website: mirtamimansary.com
Description: An alternative view of world history—the Islamo-centric as opposed to the Eurocentric narrative.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI Berkeley – Instructor

Mary Anne Benedetto -
7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing: Build a Priceless Legacy One Story at a Time!

Published: 2012
Publisher: A Writer’s Presence, LLC through CreateSpace
Available for purchase from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble (ebook available)
Genre: Nonfiction
Written: After teaching many memoir writing workshops and seeing the need for a simplified guide on this topic.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Coastal Carolina University (Member/Teacher)

Bill Boudreau -
Wedgeport ~ Poems, Folklore, History, Images

Published: 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace
Available for Purchase from: amazon.com
Genre: Documentary in words and images
Author’s Website: http://www.billboudreau.com/
Author's Blog:http://www.billboudreau.com/blog.html
Written: After retirement
Author’s Note; Attend and Facilitate OLLI classes
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI @ OSU, Oklahoma

Sy Brandon -
A Composers Guide To Understanding Music With Activities for Listeners, Interpreters, and Composers

Published: 2006
Publisher: Co-op Press
Available for Purchase from: http://www.lulu.com/
Genre: Music Appreciation
Author's Website: http://www.cooppress.net/
Author's Blog: http://www.composinginsights.blogspot.com/
Written: After taking retirement
Authors Note: I use this book in my OLLI Learning Group Music To Your Ears
OLLI Affiliation: Yavapai College OLLI of Sedona and the Verde Valley (Member & Instructor)

Joseph M. Carlin -
Cocktails: A Global History

Published: 2012
Publisher: Reaktion Books - Edible
Available for Purchase from: Amazon.com
Genre: Cookbooks - Drinks and Beverages - Gastronomy - History
Authors Note: Here's a recent audio interview with the BBC
Affiliation: OLLI at UMass Boston (Facilitator)

Dr. Raymond J. Cormier -
The Methods of Medieval Translators: A Comparison of the Latin Text of Virgil's Aeneid With Its Old French Adaptations

Published: 2011
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Mellen Press
Genre: Literary criticism/medieval comparative literature (French, Latin, Celtic)/translation theory/transmission of antiquity
Web Links: Longwood University Magazine for Alumni, University Cover Story
Authors Note: This monograph examines the medieval French translation/adaptation of Virgil’s Aeneid. The work employs Relevance Theory, second language pedagogy and hermeneutics in its analyses.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Duke (Member and Instructor)

Leta Powell Drake -
The Calamities of Kalamity Kate: A History of Nebraska’s Children’s TV Shows

Published: 2014 by Lee Booksellers / J & L Lee Company
Available for Purchase from: Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble
Genre: Non-Fiction: An amusing history of local, live, Children’s TV shows in Nebraska.
Web Presence: Facebook: Kalamity Kate
Written: After taking retirement.
Authors Note: 50 years and counting hosting and producing TV shows; plus programming Nebraska CBS-TV and PBS TV stations.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at University of Nebraska member for 8 years: coordinator, instructor, council member, chair of Arts and Special Events committee and student

Diane Dreher -
Your Personal Renaissance: 12 Steps to Finding Your Life’s True Calling

Published: 2008 by Da Capo Press.
Available for Purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Personal Growth, Psychology
Author's Website: http://www.dianedreher.com
Author's Blog: http://dianedreherblog.blogspot.com/
Written: I’m not retired yet but OLLI has given me a beautiful vision of a joyous and dynamic retirement.
Authors Note: See more books by Ivan Frank in the History category
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at Santa Clara University (Member & Instructor)

Joyce Edward -
The Sibling Relationship A Force for Growth and Conflict

Published: Hard Cover and Ebook published 2011, Paperback, 2012
Publisher: Jason Aronson, An imprint of Rowman & Littlefield
Available for purchase from: Amazon
Genre: Non-fiction
Website: None
Blog: None
Written: after taking retirement
Author's Note: I retired from the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in 2006. I previously taught at Adelphi, Hunter and Smith College Schools of Social Work and had co-written "Separation-Individuation: Theory and Application" and co- edited "Fostering Healing and Growth: A Psychoanalytic Social Work Approach" and the "Social Work Psychoanalyst's Casebook: Clinical Voices in Honor of Jean Sanville".
OLLI Affiliation: Member of the Stony Brook University OLLI program.

Dennis E. Gale -
Greater New Jersey: Living in the Shadow of Gotham

Published: 2006
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon or University of Pennsylvania Press
Genre: Social makeup of North New Jersey - Land Use - Organized Crime - Political Corruption - Ethnic Diversity
Website: http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/14276.html
Blog: NA
Written: In 2005-2006
Authors Note: Emeritus Professor - Rutgers University & Lecturer - Stanford University

Burt Hall -
The Right-Wing Threat to Democracy

Published: June 2012
Publisher: iUniverse
Available for Purchase from: iUniverse or Amazon
Genre: Political Science
Author's Web Links:
Written: After retirement, 2012
Author's Note:
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of Richmond

Gainer M K -
Real Astronomy with Small Telescopes: Step by Step Activities for Discovery

Published: 2006 by Springer-Verlag, London.
Available for Purchase from Amazon
Genre: Astronomy or Amateur Astronomy.
Author's Web Links:
Written: In retirement
Authors Note:
OLLI Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon Osher Institute (Instructor)

Sharon M. Lippincott -
The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing

Published: 2007 by Lighthouse Press. Available for Purchase from Amazon
Genre: Biography -- Research -- Methodology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Author’s Website:: http://sharonlippincott.com/
Author’s Blog: http://heartandcraft.blogspot.com/
Written: After taking retirement.
Authors Note: 'I teach both beginning and advanced life story writing classes.'
OLLI Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon Osher Institute (Member & Instructor)

Ginger T. Manley -
Assisted Loving: The Journey through Sexuality and Aging

Published: 2013
Publisher: Westview
Available for Purchase from: Amazon and other online retailers in bound and eBook formats
Genre: Health/Aging/Sexuality/Relationships
Website: www.gingermanley.com
Written: After taking partial retirement and while teaching OLLI courses.
Authors Note: 'I teach both professional students in medicine and nursing in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and also lifelong learners in the Vanderbilt OLLI program.’
Affiliation: OLLI at Vanderbilt University (Member & Instructor)

Sarah F. Pearlman -
Mother-Talk: Conversations with Mothers of Lesbian Daughters and Female-to-Male Transgender Children

Published: 2012
Publisher: Demeter Press
Available for Purchase: Amazon
Genre: LGBT Studies, Family and Motherhood Studies, Non-fiction interview research
Author’s Web Links: Huffington Post Interview (audio) sarah.pearlman1 (Facebook)
Written: After taking retirement
Author’s note: This is a collection of stories from twenty-four mothers; twelve who found out a daughter was a lesbian and twelve who learned that a child, born a biological female, was intending to transition to male. The book captures what it is like to be the mother of a lesbian daughter who has different interests and will lead a different life, or a child who is planning sex reassignment.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at UMass Boston (Member and Teacher), teaches classes on aging, disability, and LGBT issues and concerns.

Jack R. Plimmer (Editor) -
Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals, Volumes 1-3

Published: 2003
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Available for Purchase from: Knovel
Genre: Non-Fiction, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Full citation: Plimmer, Jack R.; Gammon, Derek W.; Ragsdale, Nancy N.
Authors Note: Provides coverage of a wide range of topics contributed by experts world wide. The work emphasizes the chemicals used in agriculture.Toxicological and regulatory implications are included throughout.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI USF Tampa FL

Ron Robertson -
Optimism For A Changing America

Published: May 2013
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon (hard copy and Kindle); Barnes&Noble
Genre: Economics
Website: www.outskirtspress.com/optimismforachangingamerica
Written: Upon the encouragement of my students.
Authors Note: It is the author's contention that the presumption that
America's best days are behind us is without merit. In fact, there is a large body of evidence to the contrary.
Olli Affiliation: OLLI at The University of Delaware. Member and Instructor.

Mary K. Stillwell -
The Life and Poetry of Ted Kooser

Published: 2013
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon and from U of N Press
Genre: Biography -- Lit Crit -- Trade Book -- Research -- M
Websites: www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/product/Life-and-Poetry-of-Ted-Kooser,675727.aspx and www.facebook.com/TheLifeAndPoetryOfTedKooser
Authors Note: I am an OLLI member and I teach from time to time.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Frank J. Tassielli -
An Italian Boy’s Life

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Available for purchase from: Amazon/CreateSpace or cheech40@optonline.net
Genre: Non-Fiction
Web Presence:
Written: After taking retirement
Author’s Note: My book is the true story of an Italian family’s struggle to immigrate to America before, during and after World War II. It is a story filled with tragedy mixed with humor.
Affiliation: OLLI @ Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, Long Island, NY

Francine Toder, Ph.D. -
The Vintage Years: Finding Your Inner Artist (Writer, Musician, Visual Artist) After Sixty

Published: 2013 by Aziri Books
Genre: Non Fiction - health and wellness, brain fitness, fine arts
Author’s Website: thevintageyearsbook.com & docToder.com
Author’s Blog:Contributing blogger on HUFF/POST 50
Authors Note: I provided a free event/brown bag lunch talk at my OLLI titled "Creative Arts: Essential for a healthy aging brain and psyche”
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at San Francisco State University (Member & Instructor)

Holley Hewitt Ulbrich -
Economics Takes a Holiday: Celebrations from the Dismal Science

Published: 2013
Publisher: Abbott Press
Available for Purchase from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Abbott Press
Genre: Essays
Written: After retirement.
Authors Note: Uses holidays as a context for exploring economic ideas and issues (population control, immigration, minimum wage, economic forecasting, invasive species, revolutions, the evolving family) throughout the year. Good material for discussion groups.
OLLI Affiliation: Clemson University Osher Institute (Member, Instructor, Board Member.)