OLLI Authors: Spirituality

Fred Brancato
- Ancient Wisdom and the Measure of Our Days: The Spiritual Dimensions of Retirement, Aging and Loss

Published: 2009 by Strategic Book Publishing - Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Strategic Book Publishing, Maine bookstores
Genre: Non fiction, Aging, Spirituality, World Religions
Web Presence:
Written: After studying world religions for 50 years and multiple discussions with OLLI students over seven years
Authors Note: This book applies the core themes found among sages and saints from the world's diverse spiritual traditions to the experiences of change, identity and loss that come with aging.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of Southern Maine (Member & Instructor)

William R. J. Courtland
- A Medicine From Spirit

Published: 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Available for Purchase from: williamrjcourtland.com
Genre: Health, Wellness, Spirituality
Website: williamrjcourtland.com
Written: While giving lectures and workshops on the subject in CT.
Author’s Note: I lecture on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also teach
those principles as a faculty member of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.
OLLI Affiliation: At the University of Connecticut, Waterbury CT. (Presenter and member)

Catherine Royce
- Wherever I Am, I'm Fine:Letters About Living While Dying

Published: 2009 by Xlibris - Available for purchase on Amazon
(For an audiobook, contact arh@mediasmiths.net)
Genre: Spirituality--memoir
Web Presence: Review of Catherine's work
Written: Transition toward retirement
A note about the author: Catherine wrote these letters after she was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). The letters were available on a blog and then published this year shortly before her death. She was featured on a segment of "This I believe" on NPR and her obituary was covered by Richard Knox, Science Reporter, NPR. The book received positive reviews.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at UMass Boston (Member of the writing class)

Jean Sheridan
- The New Ethical Will

Published: 2011
Publisher: Lulu.com
Genre, Spirituality, Life Review
Available for purchase from: iTunes
Author's Note: This book outlines a life review process based on an ancient Jewish tradition and is designed to be used both as a course outline for lifelong learning classes and as a project for the individual writer who wants to leave future generations an unforgettable gift.
OLLI Affiliation: OLLI at the University of Southern Maine (Member & Instructor)