2012 OLLI National Conference

"Get Wired - Overcoming Tech Phobia and Fatigue" with Adriane Berg

Have you begun talking to your computer? Does it answer back? Are you frustrated by friends, family or colleagues that resist the computer and other technologies? Or are you one of those yourself? Discover why some of us resist technology and why others embrace it at any age, and how to overcome resistance in yourself and others. As an added bonus you’ll master the three little-known ways to combat tech overload.

In her lively keynote address (see video above) Adriane Berg, a thought leader and futurist in aging and technology, will cover:

  • It’s not just your kids’ internet anymore - the latest research on which devices, how often and why boomers and older adults turn to technology

  • Why do some resist? We explore the top reasons that we resist technology to overcome objections in ourselves and in others

  • If my brain is a computer, why am I such a tech dummy? Tech and the aging brain - a fascinating look at neuroscience and the use of technology

  • Breakthroughs in overcoming tech phobia

  • New devices, designs and training methods - How the technology industry is addressing the needs of the older adult; fonts, colors, interactivity, what works best or older adults; the key to training technique - are you auditory, visual or kinesthetic?

  • Reverse mentoring-Best practices in having younger tech-savvy staff mentor older staff, volunteers and attendees for tech mastery

  • Overcoming Tech Overload

  • Overcoming fear of Apps-There’s an App for that, too!

Adriane G. Berg, CEO of Generation Bold, offers staff training, marketing and strategic alliance building to reach and serve the Boomer and older adults markets. Generation Bold is a specialist in intergenerational workforce training and creating internet marketing campaigns that integrate with off-line campaigns. Many of her clients are in the age tech business and are creating new technologies for the older adult lifestyle.

Ms. Berg is a New York Times Age Beat Fellow and a columnist for Boomer-Living and the author of 13 books on personal finance. Ms. Berg is a presenter at such forums as the World Future Society speaking on technology and the future of aging and sits on the “Wellness Movement Committee” for re-envisioning health care and technology. Her latest book is How Not to Go Broke at 102 and she is a contributor to Marketing to Boomers and
. Her original background was as an elder law attorney and founder of the National Academy of elder law Attorneys, as well as a radio and TV broadcaster. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Live! With Regis and Kelly and many other TV and radio broadcasts.

Link to Adriane Berg's PowerPoint presentation and resource citations