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Dispelling Myths

Ashley Collins

USM’s Online Program Advisor dispels myths about coming back to school and finishing your degree.

Myth #1None of my credits will transfer.
Most institutions accept transfer credit from all regionally accredited institutions (as long as your grade was a C- or higher). Additionally, institutions are beginning to offer more and more opportunities for prior learning assessment, where a student is able to convert college-level learning acquired through life and work experience into credit.

Myth #2I’m too old.
There has been an explosion of adults returning to school to finish their degrees. More than 6 million adults attend college throughout the US, and the average age of a college student continues to rise. You will not be the only adult in your class!

Myth #3I won’t be able to find courses when I need them.
As more and more adults return to school to finish their degrees, universities are responding by offering degrees in a variety of times and formats. You can now finish your degree fully online from your own home. Many options exist!

Myth #4I don’t have time.
While going back to school is a serious commitment, it’s easy to start back to school slowly, and work up to a level with which you are comfortable. Many adult students attend school part-time so that they can continue their other work and family obligations. One 15-week class requires approximately 8-10 hours of work per week.

Myth #5 I will have to go through confusing administrative processes by myself.
Going back to school can be daunting, but you are not alone! You will have support from an advisor throughout the entire process.

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