Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

IACUC Submission Process & Forms

Please note that only complete protocol submissions will be accepted for review.  A submission is considered complete when it satisfies the following four requirements:

1.    Each submission must use the appropriate form below.

2.    Each submission must answer all questions fully and in sufficient detail to allow reviewers to make required determinations.

3.    Each submission must include all attachments requested in the form.

4.    Each submission must list completion dates of the appropriate and required CITI training for all personnel listed in the proposal.

Once complete, please send only a signed electronic copy to  This may be done by using an electronic signature, or by printing out the form, signing it, scanning it, and emailing to the above address.

  • Note: You may send a signed hard copy to the ORIO office, but please be advised that this may delay the review of your protocol.

Most intial proposals require more than one review, as the IACUC often requests additional information and/or changes. Proposals should therefore be submitted at least 45 days before the anticipated research start date to allow for multiple reviews.


Submission Forms