Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

Snap Survey Software

USM SNAP Work Flow

  • Snap Help:
    • ORIO office 207-780-4517 or
    • Snap Developers' Technical Support: 1-603-610-8750
  • Student computer labs with Snap:
    • Glickman Library Room 223 computer lab
    • Muskie Institute, Wishcamper Room 128 computer lab
  • NOTE: SNAP software does not work on Mac computers

USM licenses with Snap web survey software to offer USM affiliated researcher an online survey tool. The Snap survey tool is hosted locally on USM servers. Snap surveys can include images, multimedia and a range of different visual questions (controls) such as slider bars and image maps. Other features include:

  • Snap supports all languages. Questionnaires and reports are formatted automatically for languages read from right to left. They have a translation service available.
  • Routing, piping, randomization, text substitution, save and resume features.
  • The option to include star rating questions and calendars to your survey.
  • Respondent management tools include automated invitations and reminders, quota controls, triggered alerts and pre-seeding from a database.
  • Snap offers analytical tools and real-time reporting.
  • Snap can handle multi-mode surveys - run surveys in any combination of formats including web, paper, PDA and phone.

For more information about Snap please go to their website,, or watch the introductory video on you tube:

Tutorial: SNAP Email Invites and Email Reminders