Occupational Therapy Program

MOT Jumpstart option

The "Jumpstart" undergraduate path comprises approximately 85-90 credits and is generally completed after approximately three (3) years of full time study. The recommended undergraduate degree options are Lewiston Auburn College's Natural and Applied Sciences (NAS) degree, Social and Behavioral Studies (SBS) degree, or USM Gorham's Health Science degree.  These degrees tend to cover the MOT pre-requisites as part of the degree and so may save some time and money.

Matriculate into one of the aforementioned undergrad degrees, complete all college core and academic major degree requirements and the Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree pre-requisite courses.  Complete and submit this declaration form  to indicate your goal of jumping into the MOT program.

NEXT, APPLY to the MOT program the year prior to the fall you expect to "jump in".  If accepted, (participation in the Jump Start option DOES NOT guarantee admission to the MOT program.  Each applicant joins the overall applicant pool for consideration for admission) four 500 level MOT courses maybe used to toward your undergrad degree's general electives needed for the 120 total credits required to earn your bachelor's at the end of your senior year.

CONTINUE with MOT graduate school coursework and earn your Master of Occupational Therapy degree upon completion of all MOT academic and fieldwork requirements.

If interested in pursuing an MOT Jumpstart option, talk to your faculty advisor, and/or call (207) 753-6536 to set up an advising appointment with a Student Success coach at USM Lewiston/Auburn for the SBS or the NAS degree paths or call USM Admissions at (207) 780-5670 if you are interested in the Health Science option; transfer of any previously earned college credits will also be discussed.

If you have any questions specifically about the MOT graduate program please call the MOT support office at (207) 753-6523.