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Financial Aid

USM has many ways to help students pay for their education. Learn more about the information available on Scholarships and Finances.

And don't forget, the FAFSA must be filed annualy and can be completed online electronically, or by paper. Filing online, however, can significantly speed up the FAFSA process:

Make sure you include a title IV code: USM 009762

Contact Information

Financial Aid Website:

  • Portland Financial Aid Office
    (207) 780-5250
    TTY (207) 780-5646
    Fax (207) 780-5143
  • Gorham Financial Aid Office
    (207) 780-5250
    TTY (207) 780-5646
    Fax (207) 780-5143
  • Lewiston/Auburn
    Financial Aid Office

    (207) 753-6597

Email your Financial Aid Counselor: 

Once you have been accepted to USM, you will be assigned a Counselor based on the first letter of your last name.  Visit or send an email to your counselor.

Heading Back to School?

Ashley Collins

The University of Maine System has launched a new initiative to help adults returning to college. USM's Enrollment Counselor, Ashley Collins, can help you take the first step.

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