Professional Development Center

EDU 336 Children's Literature (Section 3)

Course Number: EDU 336
Course Title: Children’s Literature (Section 1)
Class #: 30615
Dates: September 24-January 22, 2014
Times: Asynchronous Weekly Online Sessions
Delivery: Online
Faculty: Joyce Martin, Educational Consultant
Credit: Three (3) Undergraduate Credits
Tuition/Fees: $937.00 (Maine Resident)
Registration Form: Click Here (pdf) or call 780-5055

In addition to acquainting the student with children's books, authors, and illustrators, this course is designed to develop standards for evaluating children's books and prepare students for using their knowledge of children's literature in the classroom. It is a survey course exploring literature for children from pre-school through the elementary school years. This course meets the children's literature requirement for several State of Maine endorsements, including Elementary Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher, and others. This course is delivered online and by videotape or DVD. Computers are available at locations statewide. Videotapes and DVD's are available at the USM Bookstore.