Professional Development Center

Summer 2013 Offerings by Date

Academic Courses

Start Course Title Location
4/27 EPA 509 SMWP Invitational Institute (external link) Gorham
5/13 EDU 300 Educational Media and Technology Online
5/13 EPC 565 Professional History and Association in Mental Health Counseling Gorham
5/14 EDU 336 Children's Literature (FULL) Online
6/17 EPB 579 Expressive Arts in Counseling (CANCELLED) Gorham
6/19 SPY 610 Developing a School-wide System of Behavior Support (CANCELLED) Gorham
6/24 EDU 336 Children's Literature Online
6/24 EPA 532 Adolescents and Substance Abuse Raymond
6/24 EPA 536 Literacy Strategies Across the Curriculum Portland
6/24 EPC 566 Teaching Diverse Learners Online (CANCELLED) Online
6/24 EPS 506 Understanding Emotional/Behavior Disorders Gorham
6/24  EPS 523 Care and Communication: Applying Evidence-based Practice to Promote Infant Toddler Language, Literacy, Numeracy, and Social/Emotional Development (CANCELLED) Online
6/26 EPC 547 Writing Fiction: You and Your Students (CANCELLED) Gorham
7/1 EPA 585 Teaching the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, Grades K-4 (CANCELLED) Online
7/8 EPC 508 Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Mac & iPad (CANCELLED) Portland
7/9 EPC 564 Problem Solving Learners (CANCELLED) Portland
7/9 EPA 565 Differentiation of Instruction VC
7/10 EPC 543 Classroom Methodology in Readers Theater Gorham
7/15 EPC 512 21st Century Teaching and Learning with Technology Portland
7/15 EPC 550 Dropout Prevention Methods/RTI for Middle and High School Populations Online 
7/15 HRD 556 Summer Institute in Student Affairs: Learning Partnerships that Support Self-Authorship (FULL) Portland
7/16 EPA 512 Poverty, Homelessness, Foster Care and Learning (CANCELLED) Portland
7/17 SED 662 Productive Thinking and the Gifted Learner VC
7/18 EPA 527 Poetry in the Classroom Lewiston
7/20 EPC 520 Creative Literacy: Building Literacy Through the Arts Portland
7/22 EPC 500 The Read/Write Web in the Classroom (CANCELLED) Portland
7/29 EPB 599 Digital Storytelling (CANCELLED) Portland
8/1 EPC 562 Critical Issues in Literacy and Language Gorham
8/5 ECE 510 Elements of Teaching and Learning in an Early Childhood Montessori Classroom Environment (CANCELLED) Falmouth
8/5 HCE 624 Child-Centered Play Therapy Gorham
8/7 EPC 504 Responding to and Preventing Bias, Bullying and Violence in Schools (CANCELLED) Bath


Workshops & Events

Start Workshop Title Location
5/14 The Transformation of Lives through Teaching Gorham
6/26 EDIS 1825 The Power of Story: How to Tell, Create and Encourage Stories in the Classroom (CANCELLED) Portland
7/1 EDIS 1590 Stardome Astronomy for Middle School Classrooms (CANCELLED) Portland
7/8 EDIS 943 Addressing the Needs of Exceptional Students in the Regular Classroom Gorham
7/15 Learning Partnerships that Support Self-Authorship: Summer Institute in Student Affairs Portland
7/16 EDIS 1827 Mentor Training Workshop (CANCELLED) Gorham
8/12 EDIS 1828 Mentors Training Mentors Workshop (CANCELLED) Gorham

(Revised, July 30, 2013)

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