Philosophy Department


Quote:  Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience. 
~ R.J. Light

Advising Coordinator - Philosophy Department

Prof. Robert Louden

P:  207-780-4248




  In the Department of Philosophy, good academic advising is critical. Advising is a collaborative process between a student and a faculty advisor in a major and/or minor. The advisor assists in developing a student's sense of competence by helping to identify both strengths and weaknesses, and by the recommendation of courses that stretch, but do not over extend those strengths. They address but do not focus on weaknesses. To develop a student's sense of autonomy, the advisor takes into consideration that the student helps in the decision making process and that the student must also live with the decisions they have made. In the development of purpose, the advisor also assists the student in the development of awareness as to what is involved in educational and career decision-making. They help students set life goals and develop an action plan for implementation, which is an important aspect of developmental advising.

• When will a faculty advisor be assigned?
When you decide to declare Philosophy as your major/minor, we will refer you to the department's Advising Liaison and in collboration with him/her an advisor will be recommended.  This will involve filling out a Declaration of Major/Minor form at the department.  Please call the department Administrative Assistant, Brenda McGovern at 780-4258 or email: when you are ready.  

• How does our department handle advisor assignments?
One of two situations will happen, the Advising Liaison will help you determine who you will be assigned to or, if you have someone in mind, you may request that professor as your advisor. 

• Can I change my advisor once I have been assigned one?
Yes, at any time. Please call the Administraive Assistant, Brenda McGovern, at 780-4258 or email: from the department and let her know. She will make the necessary changes.

• If I am a Philosophy major/minor, and I forget who my advisor is, what do I do?

Call the Department of Philosophy's Administrative Assistant, Brenda McGovern at 780-4258 or email:

• Can I get an advisor at any time during the school year?

• If I want to make an appointment to meet with my faculty advisor, how do I handle this?

Once you have been assigned a faculty advisor, call that faculty advisor directly and leave a voice mail message or contact him or her by email.