Philosophy Department

Kathleen Wininger

Professor of Philosophy


Luther Bonney 246 (through Honors door LB 253), Portland Campus

Office Hours Spring 2016

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM, Wednesday & Friday by Appt.

Contact Information

Phone: 207-780-4928

Professor Wininger received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Temple University with a dissertation exploring Nietzsche’s views of art, methodology, and ethics.  Her  Undergraduate degrees are from Southern Connecticut State University with majors in both Philosophy and Art History. As an undergraduate she studied at Philosophy at Yale University and Art History in Austria, Germany, and Italy. 

Professor Wininger’s areas of interest in Philosophy are Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Film, Social Ethics, Feminism, and PostColonial Thought, esp. African and African-American Philosophy.    

Courses taught include:

PHI 112E Introduction to Philosophy: Sex Love and Friendship, PHI 220 Philosophy of Art and Visual Culture, PHI 221 Philosophy of Film, PHI 225 Philosophical Psychology, PHI 245 Africa, Social Justice & Exile, and PHI 312 Gender in African Literature & Film

Recent Publications

Philosophy and Sex,  ed. Robert Baker and Kathleen J. Wininger. 3rd and 4th Edition.

Nietzsche’s Reclamation of Philosophy, Amsterdam: Rodopi Press.

“Nietzsche’s Women and Women’s Nietzsche” in  Feminist Interpretations of Friedrich Nietzsche

“Nietzsche, The Genealogy of Morals” The Journal of Value Inquiry