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You may be wondering:
"What is the Philosophy Symposium?"

The Philosophy Symposium is a group of students who want to engage in the theory an practice of philosophy. It is open to all USM students and we attempt to create a variety of events that will appeal to students with a diversity of backgrounds and interests. In the past, events have included guest speakers, panel discussions, forums, attendance at conferences, reading and study groups, seeing movies and plays, trips to museums and other locations of interest, parties and other social gatherings. These are just a few of the possibilities open to the Philosophy Symposium; which are determined by those involved with the group.

General Information

The Philosophy Symposium is a student group sponsored by the Board of Student Organization (BSO). The Symposium is for any student who is interested in philosophy, philosophical thought, or intellectual community.

Officers 2015-2016


Amelia Ardito











Faculty Representative:


Prof. Jason Read


Web Master:


Philosophy Symposium on Facebook


Deborah Wright




Philosophy Symposium Meetings

Meetings are held in the Philosophy Department at 47 Exeter Street.  Please email Amelia Ardito, President of Symposium for time/day.   

For more info please email: or call 780-4258


Philosophy Symposium does not meet during the summer.


PhySymp ListServ

The Philosophy Symposium ListServ is an email discussion/announcement forum open to anyone interested in any type of philosophical communication. Students, staff and faculty may establish dialogues, or have discussions via email.

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To unsubscribe from PhiSymp, send an email to with the body of the message "UNSUBSCRIBE PhySymp". You will then automatically be unsubscribed to the listserv, and will receive a farewell message.