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Prof. Jason Read on Pervert’s Guides, Žižek and ‘They Live’

On March 20th the USM Philosophy Symposium student group teamed up with the SPACE Gallery in Portland to show the philosophical film Perverts Guide to Ideology. This event was a part of a films series that the Philosophy Symposium has been putting on for 6 years now with great sucess. Click on the link below to see the Bangor Daily News article covering this event and hear what Professor Jason Read has to say about the film series longevity, the Pervert Guides films, their creator Slavoj Zezek, and how these events have helped to bridge the gap between students and the Portland community.

News Article:

Also, to learn more about the Philosophy Symposium, click here and check out there Facebook page!

Philosophy of Law Guest Lecturer

Lady Justice

Professor of Philosophy Robert Loudon welcomes guest lecturer Robert Ruffner, Esq. to speak in his Philosophy of Law (PHI 260) class. All USM students of philosophy and law are welcome to attend this lecture.

Thursday, November 19th at 2:45 in Luther Bonney #502, Portland Campus
Robert J. Ruffner, Esq. will be the Guest Lecturer in Professor Robert Louden’s Philosophy of Law class on November 19th at 2:45 in Luther Bonney #502. Ruffner, a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense, is a 1996 graduate of Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. Mr. Ruffner began practicing in Maine in 1999 as a Domestic Violence prosecutor with the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office. He then joined the litigation firm of Friedman Babcock & Gaythwaite where he practiced insurance and criminal defense. Ruffner formed his own practice in 2001 to focus on Criminal Defense.

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