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USM's Annual Open House Fall 2014 & Philosophy Department Faculty
USM's Annual Open House Fall 2014
Todd May Lecture Sept. 19th Friday, 3:00-5:00 pm Wishcamper Center, Rm 102 Free and Open to the public
Todd May Lecture
Philosophy Department Faculty Authors Wall at 47 Exeter St.
USM University of Southern Maine Philosophy Authors Wall

The Department of Philosophy in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHS) offers a program that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

The study of Philosophy is the reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths. It is a systematic investigation of the key assumptions that underlie our thinking and which often are taken for granted.

Much of what is learned in Philosophy can be applied to virtually any endeavor. This is both because philosophy touches upon so many subjects, and especially because many of its methods and forms of analysis are applicable in any field.


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World Philosophy Day Poster
World Philosophy Day Philosophy in a Time of Crisis November 20th, Thursday 10:15-11:30 a.m. Payson Smith Hall, Room 204 Portland Campus Free and open to the public
William James Lecture
Panel discussion "William James in Focus: Willing to Believe"
USM University of Southern Maine philosophy Todd May Clemson University
One of America’s most prominent philosophers will visit the University of Southern Maine this month to lecture and discuss a question that most everyone has pondered: What makes life meaningful?

World Philosophy Day: Why in the World is Philosophy Needed?

usm University of Maine World Philosophy Day Study Philosophy

The idea that we need to take time out of this hurry-scurry, high-tech world to think deeply and philosophically about the serious issues facing all of us is a concept gaining more and more prominence among many people. USM Philosophy student Adam Hanson discusses why he thinks Philosophy should be studied.


usm University of Maine World Philosophy Day Study Philosophy

USM Philosophy student Jamie Barilone discusses why she thinks studying Philosophy is so important.