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PLA CLEP Examinations

pla-clep-laptopWHAT IS "CLEP"?

CLEP® examinations are standardized tests created by CollegeBoard™ and cover material primarily taught in foundational college courses. USM faculty have reviewed these thirty-three exams and have recommended passing scores and earned credit hours for each exam. USM is a testing site open to the general public, which means registration is not restricted to only USM students.

   The CLEP exams given at USM are listed here, along with their equivalent credits and minimum test scores to acheive these credits.

   To read the exam descriptions at the CLEP website, follow this link. 

College Composition Modular

Be sure to check with your home institution prior to purchasing and registering to take a college writing exam. PLA at USM offers only the College Composition Modular, which is a 90-minute multiple choice exam. USM does not offer the essay format of this exam and the previous CLEP® English Composition has been discontinued.  While College Composition Modular is the correct test for students seeking academic credit for college writing (ENG 100 CW) at USM, it might not be the right test for your school.

Registration Procedures for the CLEP® Exams at USM

USM CLEP Test Policies

Find Another CLEP® Testing Center in Maine

Active Duty Military

Active duty military are charged only the administrative/proctoring service fee of $50, if you present your active duty military card for verification at the time of registration. Please go to the ETS CLEP website for more specific details about who may test as "military," and the types of identification needed.

Helpful Information for Exam Day

Please read "Exam Day Info" on the ETS/CLEP website, and refer to the booklet, Information for Test-Takers, which gives full information about the CLEP tests, including prohibited items.

Request an Official Score Transcript to Post Your CLEP Credits to Your USM Transcript

For CLEP test scores to be posted on your USM transcript, USM requires an official CLEP score transcript sent directly from the parent testing company (ETS) to USM. If you have taken the CLEP® at another insitutution, either call 800-257-9558, fax (609) 771-7088, or read the CLEP Information for Test Takers Booklet, p. 9, "Score Reporting Policies" at the CLEP website to learn more about requesting an official CLEP® score transcript.

Please request that your score transcript be sent to school code #3691 (USM), in care of:  Dr. Ashley Collins, Director, Office for Prior Learning Assessment, University of Southern Maine, 248 Luther Bonney Hall, 85 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine  04104-9300.

PLA will evaluate your credits and post your credits to your USM transcript. There is no fee for this service.

NOTE: PLA does not accept either faxed or e-mailed forms.

Study for the CLEP®

The CLEP Official website offers study materials beyond the college texts that you might use for exam preparation. If you are taking just one CLEP exam, it may be more advantageous to purchase one of the Individual Subject Guides ($10) in downloadable electronic format instead of the Comprehensive CLEP Official Study Guide ($24.95) both of which are available. In these guides CLEP® offers you an outline of the test, sample questions and answers, and general tips for preparing for the CLEP exams.

PLA also keeps copies of the current CLEP® Official Study Guide for your use on the premises in 240 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland Campus.