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pla-excelsior-santoroExcelsior College® Examinations (ECEs)

Excelsior College is an external degree program of the New York State Board of Regents. Excelsior College Examinations (ECEs) were created with the collaboration of Excelsior College® and Pearson®.  ECEs can help you enter the university at a higher level, saving time and money. These examinations are computer-based with two centers in Maine. (See Maine ECE Testing Sites below.) Those attending USM may want this examination information.

USM faculty have reviewed the complete list of Excelsior College examinations and have accepted the following exams for USM credit:

  • English Composition (3)
  • Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • Microbiology (5)
  • Psychology of the Life Span (3)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (no lab credit) (6)
  • Ethics:  Theory and Practice (3)

To Register for Excelsior College Examinations

To register for Excelsior College Examinations, download a copy of the examination registration form, or call toll free:  888-647-8777 or  (Fax) 518-646-8777.  You may also mail Excelsior College, Test Administration, 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY  12203-5159, or register and pay for your exam online if you are a non-military user.

Only after you have registered, may you then schedule the  ECE®.

Maine ECE® Testing Sites and those nearby

The Maine testing sites for Excelsior College® are Pearson VUE Professional Centers in Westbrook, 201 Main Street, Suite 4A, Westbrook, Maine  04092(207) 854-4853; or at Kennebunk Valley Community College, 92 Western Avenue, King Hall, Room 103, Fairfield, Maine  04937, (207) 453-5079. You can also locate a test center in the New Hampshire, Back Bay Boston, or downtown Boston.

Be sure on test day to bring two acceptable forms of ID, including a photo ID. Refer to the Excelsior College testing manual.

Your picture will be taken as a part of the exam verification process. The computerized tests generally last about 3 hours. You will learn your results immediately.

To Access Exam Content Guides

The Excelsior College Examinations User's Guide, and the ECEs Technical Handbook are available at the Excelsior College Exam Content Guides and Documentation page. Practice exams are available and you may learn more about them by viewing this link.

To Receive USM Credit for These Exams

Compare your test score to USM's passing scores for Excelsior College. Submit the official  score report from Pearsonvue and the Excelsior College Posting Fee form with your payment ($15 per exam transcript):  Kate Mitchell, Prior Learning Assessment, 247 Luther Bonney Hall, 85 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine  04104-9300

With the receipt of the above official score, payment form, and payment, your credits will be evaluated and posted to your USM academic transcript.