Office for Prior Learning Assessment

Looking for the Office for Prior Learning Assessment? We have moved! Come visit us at 247/248 Luther Bonney Hall, at 85 Bedford St./ Portland Campus - second floor inside the Honors Lounge!
Looking for PLA?
PLA evaluates your wealth of college-level knowledge achieved outside the traditional classroom, and invites you to convert that knowledge into possible college credit.
Bridge to Your Future

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) believes that you, as an adult or an advanced student should be commended for your college-level knowledge, if it fulfills academic criteria set forth by the USM faculty. PLA has developed systematic ways to assess your learning competencies in a supportive atmosphere, supplying the academic bridge which effectively and efficiently connects practical with theoretical knowledge. The several pathways across the bridge include: testing options, credential reviews, and academic portfolio development, all of which smooth the way to academic credit where appropriate. These pathways across the bridge may save you both time and money, shortening and /or easing your path to degree achievement. Our services are available to the general public as well as to USM students.

News & Events

The Office for Prior Learning Assessment welcomes our new director, Ashley Collins!
PLA is moving to 247/248 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland
Come see us in our new location at 247/248 Luther Bonney Hall on the Portland Campus!
Military academic transcripts soon to be evaluated and credits posted by Veterans Services at USM.