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Southworth Planetarium
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Edward Gleason
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IBEX: The Search for the Edge of the Solar System

An omni-dome (full dome) presentation about the IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) probe.      Launched in 2008, the IBEX craft collects energized neutral particles emitted from the heliosphere: the "bubble" enclosing the solar system.   These collections enable the IBEX probe to construct an image of the membrane surrounding us.  The same membrane that protects the solar system from harmful galactic particles.

How does the IBEX probe work?    How does it communicate with Earth?

Join us for this fascinating full-dome show about the IBEX probe and its bold mission to explore the solar system's final frontier. 

Show duration:  31 minutes

(Note: show presentation includes a night sky tour, so the entire program is approximately 45 minutes.)

For more information about this probe, visit

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