The Southworth Planetarium's Annual Halloween Show!


Two trick-or-treaters, Billy and Diana, venture out on Halloween night in search of candy.   As they walk through the neighborhood, Billy scares Diana with tales of the child-eating Moon witch!    The terrified Diana demands to return home, where she is comforted by her mother.

Diana and her mother with a flashlight

For the remainder of the evening, Diana and her Mom learn how wonderful the Moon truly is:  from its changing shape (phases), the way it seems to follow you in the sky, and even why it appears large on the horizon.

Diana and her father watching the Moon from the porch

Diana then becomes fascinated by the Moon and learns everything she can about it.     Join Diana as she discovers the wonders of the Moon!

Production of the Sudekum Planetarium.

Show duration (not including night sky tour):   21 minutes

The entire presentation with night sky tour is approximately 40-45 minutes.



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