Southworth Planetarium Science Lecture Series 2014

An inside look at the recent Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm; research on outcomes of weight loss surgery; and the link between the composition of asteroids and life on earth; are among the subjects to be explored in the 2014 USM Southworth Planetarium Science Lecture Series.

Lectures are held the third Thursday of every month.

"Greetings from Stockholm: A Report from the 2013 Nobel Prize Events” - January 16, 2014

Jerry LaSala, USM Professor and Chair of Physics and Director of the Southworth Planetarium
Professor LaSala attended the 2013 Nobel Prize events in Stockholm last month, where his college classmate and lifelong friend Jim Rothman was awarded the Prize in Medicine or Physiology. He will report on the science, the splendor, and the excitement of this far less than once-in-a-lifetime event with pictures and stories.

Surgery to Combat Obesity - February 20, 2014

Nancy Baugh, USM Assistant Professor of Nursing
Professor Baugh will discuss the use of surgery to combat obesity, as part of her lecture, “The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss Surgery.” Recent research findings on factors that affect surgical outcomes also will be discussed.

Chemicals in the Environment - March 20, 2014

Cory Theberge, UNE Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor Theberge will speak on “The Fate of Pharmacologically Active Chemicals in the Environment.” Theberge conducts research in medicinal chemistry and veterinary pharmacy and is interested in the long-term effects of exposure to environmental chemical residues from pharmaceuticals and personal-care products.

Science and Hype of Personalized Medicine - April 17, 2014

Daniel BrazeauUNE Research Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Professor Brazeua will deliver the lecture “The Genomics Revolution and Personalized Medicine - the Science and the Hype.” Brazeau will offer a realistic understanding of the roles that such factors as environmental issues and human genetics play in the effectiveness of drugs on individuals.

What You Need to Know about Hepatitis C - May 15, 2014


Mary-Kate Appicelli, USM School of Nursing and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Baby boomers are disproportionately affected by the hepatitis C virus, which can cause liver cancer or death if left untreated. Appicelli will review the basics of the hepatitis C virus, national and Maine case data, and the specific screening recommendations at her lecture, “Baby Boomers, Hepatitis C Virus and the role of Public Health: What you Need to Know.”

Asteroids and Life on Earth - June 19, 2014

Julie Ziffer, USM Associate Professor of Physics
The series will continue on Thursday, June 19, with Professor Ziffer’s presentation on her research into the composition of asteroids and comets. Ziffer has been part of an international team of scientists whose work revealed that asteroids can hold reservoirs of water, supporting the theory that these life ingredients were delivered to Earth through collisions with asteroids and comets.

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