Political Science Major

Alix Van Sickle, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Political Science


55 Exeter Street

Office Hours Spring 2015

Thurs 3:00-4:00 (P)

Contact Information

Phone: 780-4283

Research Interests

Latin American Politics, Comparative Democratization, Protest, Social Movements, and Human Rights.

Recent Publications

Van Sickle, Alix and Wayne Sandholtz. 2009. “The Right to Democracy,” inCycles of International Norm Change (Eds)Wayne Sandholtz and Ken Stiles.Oxford University Press. 2009.


Dalton, Russell, Alix Van Sickle and Steven Weldon. 2010.“Citizen Protest and Theories of Political Action: A Multilevel Analysis of Protest Behavior,”British Journal of Political Science, (2010) 40: 51-73.




Dalton, Russell and Alix Van Sickle. 2005. “The Resource, Structural and Cultural Bases of Protest.” Center for the Study of Democracy Paper Series.