Political Science Major

International Studies

International Studies Track - Catalog Supplement

The International Studies Track offers an interdisciplinary curriculum within the Political Science Major.  It is one of two tracks available in the Political Science major. 

Political science majors can choose from one of two tracks: Political Science Track and International Studies Track.  Only one track must be completed to earn the B.A. in Political Science.  The information below does NOT apply to the Political Science Track.  It only applies to students who choose the International Studies Track.  A full description of both the Political Science Track and International Studies Track is available under Degrees & Certificates.

The catalog language is necessarily incomplete regarding eligible courses for two International Studies Track requirements.  This supplemental information is available by following the two links below:

1) Approved Internationally-Focused Elective Courses (from Other Programs for the International Studies Track)

2) POS Topics Courses Qualifying as Internationally-Focused POS Elective Courses for the International Studies Track