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Higher education is about transforming lives. Attaining a degree is a certification, all right, but it’s much more than a voucher for the possession of a set of skills or some required list of knowledge.
Students are not customers! Higher education is not a business! I have been hearing these outcries a lot recently. I agree. Students aren't customers.
Join us in celebrating the art of talented sculptor and painter Dean McCrillis and his fellow students at an opening reception on April 15, 4 - 6pm, on the 7th floor of the Law building on the Portland campus.
In times of big decisions, how do we have the courage to make them? Here’s my answer: Accept that we will never have enough time, enough data, or enough certainty to make the perfect decision.
We have started the next step of our journey together to fix the structural gap we are facing and transition to a new, brighter phase of what we all know we have the potential of becoming.
Girls had to wear skirts to school, and if you put your snow pants on underneath to stay warm, you looked like a goon and a loser. And if you rolled in the snow like you wanted to, everything would get wet, and your mother would yell at you. We rolled often — at least, I did. And then I came home and dripped on the kitchen floor for good measure.
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The new students come to college this weekend. Families are doing frantic last-minute packing. On campus, we're sprucing everything up. Faculty members are doing final planning for all their new students. Everybody's getting ready for the real start of the New Year!
President Kalikow gave the annual USM Opening Breakfast speech to over 500 faculty and staff this morning.


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