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Office of the President

Convocation Scholar Nominations

Payson Smith Hall on USM's Portland campus


As part of the December 2016 USM Presidential Installation, we celebrated the achievements and promise of close to 200 of our students. Those students, called Inauguration Scholars, were all nominated by members of our faculty. Students processed into the Installation alongside the faculty member who nominated them.

We felt this was the most important and moving part of that day. It provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate many of our most special students — and what better way for them to feel connected and appreciated, than to know a faculty member believes in them.

We would like to duplicate this student scholar recognition during the Gloria Duclos Convocation on September 29, and invite you to submit your nominations below for 2017 Convocation Scholars.

Below are the simple instructions for making a nomination, followed by a short nomination form.

Thank you. And we'll see you on September 29.

Glenn Cummings

Jeannine Uzzi



The Convocation Scholars Nominations Process

  • The deadline for nominations is September 19, 2017
  • Full-time and part-time members of the faculty can nominate up to two Convocation Scholars.
  • Students you nominate as Convocation Scholars should meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Shows academic potential and promise,
    2. Overcame significant obstacles in the pursuit of their education,
    3. Excels in or out of the classroom.

    These deliberately broad criteria should enable you to nominate students at any point in their graduation path, from first-year undergraduates up through graduate students.

  • Do not nominate a student who was an Inauguration Scholar in December 2016.
  • You can nominate a student that you do not currently have in class. However, students do need to be currently enrolled at USM.
  • Nominations will be vetted by Enrollment Services to ensure nominated students are enrolled and in good academic standing. Once vetted, students will be informed of their selection as a Convocation Scholar, provided the name of the faculty member who nominated them, and apprised they will join that faculty member in the Gloria Duclos Convocation processional.
  • Since any Convocation Scholar you nominate will be asked to join you during the Gloria Duclos Convocation processional, there is an expectation that you will be attending, provided you will not be teaching a class (or involved in the Patient Safety Academy) during the event — please don't forget to RSVP.
  • Do not worry that another faculty member may also nominate the same student(s). More information on how the processional will work will be provided as the Gloria Duclos Convocation date gets closer.

Important Note: All 2016 Inauguration Scholars will be informed that they are also Convocation Scholars. Although they will not be participating in the Gloria Duclos Convocation processional with the new nominees, they will be invited to attend the Gloria Duclos Convocation and sit in a reserved seating area to be recognized during the event.


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