Property Management


Property Management, a division of Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability, performs the inventory control function for all campus and satellite locations of the University of Southern Maine. This function involves tracking all non-vehicle movable assets of the University and the performance of periodic equipment audits as prescribed by Federal and State equipment management guidelines. Property Management is also responsible for coordinating the disposal and sale of all surplus University non-vehicle movable assets through the USM Surplus Store.

Are you a USM employee with extra items that your office no longer needs? Submit a Work Order through Facilities Management by sending an email to or calling 780-4160. You will need to provide information about the quantity and type of items you have, as well as your departments chartfields.

A representative from the Office of Sustainability or Property Management will visit the location to assess the surplus property and coordinate the movement of item(s) to the USM Surplus Store through a Facilities Management Work Order. Departments will be charged for the time it takes Facilities Management to remove the items, at a rate of $25/hour. Fees are rounded to the nearest quarter hour. An additional fee of $.05/ pound will be applied for bulky waste that cannot be recycled, such as a printer. Item weights and applicable cost are determined by a Facilities staff member.

We will do our best to redistribute or reuse your items on campus first, or repurpose them through sales at the Surplus Store. Any items deemed unfit for reuse will be recycled or disposed of by the Office of Sustainability in the most economical and environmentally-sensitive way possible. 

Click here to visit the USM Surplus Store Website