Professional Staff Senate

Living and Learning: My Life as a Laboratory Manager

Presented by the Professional Senate's Continuing Education committee, Karen Moulton will speak about her experience at USM as a lab manager. Come learn about one of your fellow professional staff colleagues!

December 18, 2013
1 - 2:30 pm
423/424 Glickman Library

Karen D. Moulton
Virology Laboratory Manager - Duboise Labs
Electron Microscopy Facility Manager
University of Southern Maine
Applied Medical Sciences

The Laboratory I manage, involves the intersection of laboratory resources for an active virology and microbiology research group, ambitious K-12 professional development programs, extensive educational outreach efforts, and the university’s electron microscopy core facilities. All of these combined resources, of the Duboise Labs, demand extensive engagement of my laboratory management skills that have been developed during almost twenty years of responsible management experience in a variety of settings ranging from biotechnology laboratories, a major hospital associated biomedical research institute, to the current complex academic graduate and undergraduate education and K-12 education outreach connected setting at the University of Southern Maine.  My service at USM has provided experiences in education from lab management for a graduate level molecular biology laboratory course and outreach laboratory management for over a decade of a National Science Foundation GK-12 program that brought laboratory research experiences into rural schools across Maine.  Managing the transmission electron microscopy facility that I helped to establish in 2006 has added new dimensions of both scientific responsibility and the opportunities to participate in innovative educational efforts for a wide range of K-12 students and their teachers.  As manager and co-director of the USM electron microscopy facilities, I have participated in the design and implementation of bacteriophage discovery laboratory activities for secondary school students and also participated in related teacher professional development activities.  This laboratory with exciting national and international research collaborations has recently arrived at new opportunities for me to contribute significantly to innovative virology-based advances in nano-scale design of vaccines and potentially other interventions in nanomedicine.