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Lunch-n-Laugh is Back!

This Friday, 7/25 two simultaneous Lunch n Laugh events will take place on the Gorham and Portland campuses.  This is similar to an eclipse but way better!  This month's feature was selected to help us all as we move forward with a new leader.  Of course, it is also sure to make us laugh.  We have featured them before with rave reviews and now they are back for your viewing pleasure.....Coronet Instructional Films. 


Coronet Instructional Films were shown in American schools starting in about 1941. The company was an offshoot of Coronet Magazine, a digest-sized magazine that itself was owned by Esquire, Inc. Owner David Smart was deeply interested in visual education and the power of the film to teach and convince, and built a full studio on his estate in Glenview, Illinois, where at its height hundreds of films were cranked out each year. The films were sold to schools and libraries by a network of distributors and were quite successful


Titles include: Are you Ready for Marriage?, Ways to Settle Disputes, Combat Fatigue, Palmour Street, Dating: Do's and Don'ts, Why We Respect the Law, Good Eating Habits, Shy Guy, How Much Affection?, Build Your Vocabulary, Rest and Health, Act Your Age, Social Courtesy, Right or Wrong? Making Moral Decisions, Family Life, Are You Popular?, The Benefits of Looking Ahead, Sharing Work at Home, How to Say No, Moral Maturity, Marriage Is a Partnership, Better Use of Leisure of Time, Let's Share With Other, Snap Out of It (Emotional Balance), Developing Responsibility, Understand Your Emotions, Work of the Stock Exchange, The Secretary's Day, Cleanliness and Health, What Make a Good Party....and many more!  Safe to say there is something of interest for all.


Please join us!  Dessert and popcorn will be provided at both locations.  Bring your lunch and bring your laughter.  These are short films, so the entertainment will easily work for anyone's lunch schedule.


Location Portland: DSC, 242 Luther Bonney 11:00-1:00

Location Gorham: Learning Commons Seminar Room, Bailey Hall 11:00-1:00


Should we make this a friendly competition between campuses???  I bet there is a film for that!



Thank you Deb Kalikow-Pluck, Suzanne Turner and Meg Wright for volunteering to be our Gorham sponsors!  Lewiston, if you would like to join the fray, please contact me and I will forward you the link to the films.





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