Professional Staff Senate


Annually the Professional Staff Senate recognizes two staff members to receive awards and recognition for the roles they play here at USM. The awards are made to staff members who has demonstrated: • Excellence in one's professional area • Leadership and initiative in fulfilling USM's mission • A contribution to the USM community • Creativity, as expressed through program initiatives, special projects, writing, or similar work • Public service in the external (non-USM) community
This Friday, 7/25 two simultaneous Lunch n Laugh events will take place on the Gorham and Portland campuses.
Stamp Out Stress Staff Picnic & Bocce Tournament Let’s get happy! Let’s move forward! Let’s make this the best year USM has ever seen!
Nominate your outstanding professional staffer for the 2014 Emerging or Distinguished Professional Staff Awards.
Please vote by March 31st for the next round of Professional Staff Senators. Vote for someone from each Division or you may choose to write in your own candidate.
It is time again to solicit nominations for the USM Professional Staff Senate. Help us make a difference! Become more involved on campus!
Presented by the Professional Senate's Continuing Education committee, Karen Moulton will speak about her experience at USM as a lab manager. Come learn about one of your fellow professional staff colleagues!
You can locate the names of the senate members at If you have any issues that you would like the senate members to address during the year, please contact anyone on the list.
The Professional Staff Senate in conjunction with Human Resources presents: Your Sense of Humor.
The Professional Staff Senate elections are complete.


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