Professional Staff Senate

Professional Staff Senate Members

ProSen goals as stated in the by-laws:

A. Support/enhance the further development of the mission of the University of Southern Maine.

B. Advise/make recommendations to the President on any matter of concern to the professional staff.

C. Ensure the involvement of the professional staff in policy and information flows, providing advocacy where necessary and appropriate.

D. Represent the professional staff on committees, boards, and at appropriate symbolic occasions.

E. Support/assure appropriate recognition of the contributions of the professional staff.

F. Create forum(s) for networking and community building among the professional staff.

G. Commujnite to the rest of the University community information regarding professional staff.

H. Provide opportunities to share information about state-of-the-art theories, practices, and activities in the various professional fields.

I. Support resarch publications, public and community service and teaching activities of professional staff.