Professional Staff Senate

Senate Elections are complete!

To:       All USM Professional Staff
From:   Professional Staff Senate Election Committee
RE:      Professional Staff Senate Election Results

The Professional Staff Senate elections are complete.  The following staff were elected for the indicated terms and seats:

Geraldine Therualt - Academic Affairs
Judith Ferrante - Admin/IT
Joshua Gates - Exec/Advancement/HR
Lexie Moras - Law School
Jim Bradley - Student Success
Carol Sadler - Student And University Life
Angela Cook - At-Large
Gary Stephenson - At-Large
Jennifer Hutchinson - At-Large
Jessica Picard - At-Large

Jim O'Brien - Academic Affairs
Kristen Beahm - Exec/Advancement/HR
Karen Murphy - Law School
Jennifer Hart - Student Success
Hilmar von Strunck - Student and University Life
Amy Blaisdell - At-Large

Please join the Election Committee in congratulating the newly elected Senators and in thanking all staff that stood for election.    

Professional Staff Election Committee