Office of the Provost

List of University of Southern Maine Trustee Professorships

1999-2000  Thomas Knight, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

2000-2001  Kathleen Ashley, Professor of English

2001-2002  Robert Louden, Professor of Philosophy

2002-2003  Richard Maiman, Professor of Political Science

2003-2004  Joseph Conforti, Professor of American & New England Studies

2004-2005  None

2005-2006  Donna Cassidy, Professor of American & New England Studies

2006-2007  Jennifer Wriggins, Professor of Law

2007-2008  Ardis Cameron, Professor of American & New England Studies

2008-2009  Nancy Gish, Professor of English

2009-2010  David Carey, Associate Professor of History

2010-2011  None

2011-2012  Michael Hillard, Professor of Economics

2012-2013  S. Monroe Duboise, Associate Professor of Applied Medial Sciences

2013-2014 Dan Sonenberg, Associate Professor of Music

2014-2015 Shelton Waldrep, Professor of English

Provost Jeannine Diddle Uzzi

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