Research Service Center


Intent to Propose (ITP)
The ITP is the required form for notifying the OSP and your Dean/Director/Equivalent Executive Officer of an intent to submit a proposal. The form, which is transmitted electronically to the OSP and the AVP for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, must be received at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.

Proposal Award and Submission (Blue) Sheet
The Blue Sheet is an internal document used as a means for capturing and transmitting relevant proposal information to facilitate the formal approval of a submission by the Principal Investigator from the Department Chair (if required) and the Dean/Director/Equivalent Executive Officer. A fully completed and properly approved Blue Sheet must be received by the OSP before a proposal will be authorized for submission by the University.

USM Standard Research Contract

Faculty/Staff Keyword Funding Source Match Form
This is the form OSP uses to register Faculty/Staff interests in our database to aid us in accurately directing appropriate funding opportunities to the USM community.

Monthly Financial Review Sheet
Contract and grant administrators are expected to reconcile their accounts on a monthly basis. The Monthly Financial Review Sheet (MFR) is an internal tool used to assist in this process by facilitating communication between project directors, their administrative staff, and our office, regarding financial and other administrative issues.

Instructions and forms for subcontracting for outside services.  

PHS Certification
PI(s) signoff for Applications to Public Health Serivce (PHS)
(e.g. National Institutes of Health & Department of  Health & Human Services)