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Monthly Financial Review Sheet

The MFR is most often used to request financial adjustments to contract and grant accounts. These changes are initiated for a variety of reasons, and each request is unique. The following items are general guidelines to keep in mind when requesting changes via the MFR sheet:

  • Corrections must be requested on the MFR dated for the month in which the transaction(s) occur. If the MFR has already been submitted to RSC, please resubmit that month's MFR sheet with the necessary changes and mark "revised" at the top.
  • Corrections will only be made for charges which have already been posted.
  • When requesting corrections, please remember that the account to be credited is on the left side of the form; the account to be charged is on the right side of the form.
  • The MFR is due 30 days from the monthly closing, whether or not there are any adjustments. We monitor the return of these forms as part of our auditing procedure.
  • The new eMFR version is for those departments who have received eMFR training has two versions.
  • eMFRs without adjustments are submitted on the No Adjustment worksheet. Journals and LDAs are not included on the No Adjustment worksheet.
  • For more detailed information on adjustments, please refer to RSC's Cost Transfer Policy. If you have any questions or comments about the design and uses of the monthly review sheet, please contact Jennifer Camire at 780-4411 or by email



eMFR No Adjustments
(Excel Spreadsheet) 
eMFR Adjustments
(Excel Spreadsheet)
Monthly Review Sheet