Research Service Center

New Award: Exploring a New Research Center in the Caribbean

The intent of this project is to explore the development of a marine research center in the Caribbean. In particular, USM will be working with the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust investigating the possibility of using the Escuela Barbosa facility in Vieques, Puerto Rico as a building to house a marine research program and field station led by the Wise Laboratory focused on marine toxicology and commercial/biomedical applications of bioluminescence.

This award will allow attendance at the biennial meeting of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean in San José, Costa Rica. At this conference, we will be able to assess and learn the scope of marine studies in the region and make valuable contacts with potential collaborating institutions. It will also allow us to travel to Vieques, Puerto Rico and conduct a site visit with the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust of the Escuela Barbosa facility to better determine its suitability for marine research use.