Research Service Center

Policy on Proposal Resubmission

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to outline the policy governing the resubmission of proposals for external funding.

Background: The strategic plan of the University of Southern Maine calls for an increase in the number and quality of proposal submissions to federal and state agencies and private foundations in order to increase the number of awards.

To accomplish this objective, the University's Research Service Center (RSC) will provide the necessary support to faculty and staff Principal Investigators (PIs) who intend to resubmit a previously declined proposal. In addition to the usual support provided by RSC, we will also assist PIs in the analysis of reviewers' comments to ensure the revised proposal addresses their concerns. When necessary, RSC will send the proposal to external reviewers with expertise in the proposal's subject.

Policy: The University of Southern Maine requires PIs who intend to resubmit previously declined proposals to the same or different funding agency to meet the following requirements:

1. File an Intent-to-Propose (ITP) 90 days before the due date of the proposal to the funding agency.

2. Provide RSC with a copy of the reviewers' comments and the original proposal submission within 7 days of filing an ITP. Although this is the minimum timeframe, PIs are encouraged to submit a copy of the reviewers' comments to RSC as soon as they have made a decision to resubmit.

3. Meet with RSC staff to review the original submission and reviewers' comments before revising the proposal within 15 days of filing an ITP or deciding to resubmit, whichever is earlier.

4. Provide RSC with a copy of the revised narrative at least 60 days before the due date. RSC will conduct both internal and, if necessary, external reviews expeditiously to provide PIs ample time to incorporate the comments in the final proposal.

5. All other deadlines defined in the University of Southern Maine Proposal Submission Policy apply.

Note: RSC will return to the PI revised proposals that do not incorporate critical comments from internal and external reviews.The University will not authorize the resubmission of a proposal that fails to meet these requirements.

RSC may require a PI to participate in a RSC grant writing workshop or receive other appropriate, more targeted assistance as a condition for submitting a proposal, new or revised. Applicants who do not adhere to this policy will not be eligible to submit future proposals, new or revised.

Definition: A resubmission is defined as a proposal that does not involve a significant change from any previous declined proposal which has been submitted to a funding agency. Indicators would include a proposal that has broadly the same:

  • Title and/or proposal summary
  • Background/Introduction
  • Overall aim and high-level objectives
  • Research question(s)
  • Resources required to carry out the research
  • Content and staffing

Any proposal that meets one of these criterions is a resubmission. Proposals that demonstrate only minor amendments from previous submissions based on previous peer review feedback are, by definition, resubmissions. New proposals must have fresh or significantly modified objectives and/or an entirely revised methodological/analytical approach to a research question.


September 23, 2014