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Procedure for Proposal Submission

In conjunction with the University of Southern Maine'S new Proposal Submission Policy, announced by the Provost in mid-July 2009, this document provides guidance on the procedural steps which are being implemented in support of the Policy. This guidance is also posted on the Office of Sponsored Programs' (OSP) website: Proposal Submission Policy.

    • At least two weeks in advance of the submission deadline – Notify OSP of your intent to submit a proposal via the online portal.

      Notice to OSP and your Dean/Director/Equivalent Executive Officer must be via an Intent-to-Propose (ITP) Form. The ITP Form must be completed by the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PI/PD) as soon as possible, but no fewer than two weeks prior to the submission deadline. OSP will confirm deadline dates as outlined below, back to the PI/PD, the Dean/Director/ Equivalent Executive Officer, and the Provost via e-mail. Considerations such as actual work days, submission method, and OSP workload may require some adjustment to the timeline.


  • At least five working days in advance of the submission deadline – Provide OSP with a version of the narrative and budget suitable for administrative review.

    A version of the narrative and budget suitable for administrative review must be forwarded to --Lynn Rollins-- as well as your OSP Financial Liaison, and your Dean/ Director/Equivalent Executive Officer as soon as possible but no fewer than 5 working days prior to the submission deadline. The OSP will forward a copy to the President and Provost for their review and approval if it meets any of the following criteria:

      • significant university commitment in cost-share for the term of the project (50% or more of total project costs);
      • University commitment to project sustainability or 'institutionalization' beyond the term of the grant award (curriculum or instruction, direct cost commitments, faculty/staff lines, operating and maintenance, etc.)
      • voluntary waiver of sponsor-eligible F&A recovery;
      • major equipment or construction/renovation at or exceeding $50k;
      • earmarks and other institutional awards (one per institution and often requiring a top university administrator as PI).

    • Note: If you think that your proposal will meet one or more of the above criteria, 10 working days' lead time is required for adequate review and approval. Please contact OSP as soon as possible for more information.

  • At least two working days in advance of the submission deadline – Submit the final version of the proposal to OSP, accompanied by a Proposal Planning and Submission (Blue) Sheet signed by the Dean, Director or Equivalent Executive Officer.

    A final proposal package should be forwarded to for review and submission as soon as possible but no fewer than 2 working days prior to the deadline. The package must be complete, ready for submission, and accompanied by a fully completed and authorized Proposal Approval and Submission (Blue) Sheet. In cases where approval for submission is required from the Provost and President, OSP will obtain those for the PI/PD. Please allow enough time to obtain all approvals, as no proposal will be submitted without such approvals.

    By adopting this policy, we hope to improve your chances for a successful outcome by allowing enough time for adequate internal review and comment and improving the overall quality of USM submissions. As always the OSP stands ready to provide any assistance necessary for you to meet these goals and to answer any questions which you may have.