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Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation Announces Children's Health Grant Opportunity

Funding Guidelines:

  • As a general rule, individual grants are expected to fall in the $3,000- $15,000 range.
  • Projects/programs must advance Maine children’s health.
  • Almost all forms of grants will be considered (e.g., program grants, capacity building grants, challenge grants, matching grants, etc.).  However, as a rule, we would not expect to make capital grants (e.g., funding for equipment, building, etc.), or grants to individuals or K-12 public or private schools.
  • Successful applicants typically have strong track records and take approaches that are creative but well grounded (e.g., in data, theory, best practices, evaluation methods, etc.).
  • It is the Foundation’s policy not to fund organizations more frequently than every 3 years, even for different projects. (Example: An organization which received funding on 9/1/12 could not apply again for funding until the Spring 2015 application deadline for grants to be awarded on 9/1/15.)
  • In general, the Foundation looks for proposals that address Maine’s poorest and most underserved populations (e.g., low-income, rural, etc.).