Research Service Center

Research Service Center Services

The Research Service Center (RSC) supports the University community in its pursuit and management of externally sponsored projects. RSC is the key point of contact in the area of pre-award and post-award administration of sponsored research, instruction, and other activities. RSC reports to the Director of the Cutler Institute for Health & Social Policy at the Muskie School for Public Service.

Services Provided:


  • Assists in locating funding opportunities - Using our Faculty Database, we can review appropriate publications, and circulate relevant program announcements to you at your request if you have a specific area of interest;
  • Assists with proposals preparation - RSC can help you locate a proposal package and fill in USM specific information that is necessary for the application.
  • Interprets sponsor guidelines - if we don't know, we'll have you call the sponsor or RSC will call the sponsor for clarification;
  • Assistance with budgets - We can assist you in costing out your project by making you aware of all the potential expenditures that you may face. This process may determine the ultimate success of your project;
  • Reviews assurances & certifications - Agencies may require various certifications, financial statements, compliance affidavits, etc. We are prepared to see that these required items are properly completed and included in your submission;
  • Reviews entire proposal package
  • Submits application to Sponsor


  • Reviews and negotiates awards with sponsors
  • Coordinates with system office for account set-up
  • Manages billing and receivable activities
  • Administers the personnel effort report system
  • Coordinates with faculty/staff on post-award financial administration and project close out
  • Monitors expenditures as to allowability and appropriateness
  • Processes requests for budget modifications, extensions, and other prior approval requests
  • Tracks proposal/award data
  • Coordinates cost share/match documentation
  • Maintains contract/grant files as per regulatory requirements