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Subcontract Guide

Which form do I use?

You need to determine if the contractor is an individual or a corporate/business entity to determine which form to use. If you need help making this determination, please call the Research Service Center (RSC). Additionally, you will need to ensure that the individual is in fact a contractor versus an employee by using the Determination of Independant Contractor Status form.

  • INDIVIDUAL If the work is to be performed by an individual as evidenced by a Social Security Number rather than an Employer Identification Number, the appropriate form to complete is

    Personal Services Subcontract

  • CORPORATE/BUSINESS ENTITY If the work is to be performed by a corporate/business entity, the appropriate form to complete is the Subcontract for Special Services. Note that a Subcontractor may be either a vendor or subrecipient. In the case of a subrecipient, there are additional requirements and reporting which must be met. If you think a Subcontractor may be a subrecipient, please check with RSC prior to developing the Subcontract. Note that there is no longer a distinction between over and under $50,000 agreements.

    Subcontract for Special Services

Who should sign the form?

    If the contract is under $10,000, your Dean or Director can sign the face page. If the contract is over $10,000, someone from RSC must sign the contract also.

    The Project Director needs to sign Attachment A as an indication that the work statement and payment provisions are acceptable and in-line with project requirements.

What if I want to change the wording in the contract? You need to contact the Office of Sponsored Programs if you want to change any wording in the standard subcontract.

What other paperwork needs to be completed?

  • W-9 FORM
    All consultants (individual and corporate/business) need to complete a W-9 Form.

  • Purchase Orders are required for all contracts except single payment contracts of $500 or less.

How many copies do I need to complete?
You should routinely prepare two (2) originals of each Subcontract so that both you and the Subcontractor may retain one with original signatures. In all cases RSC should receive a copy of the final approved Subcontract, regardless of amount. Purchasing also requires a copy in most cases. Electronic versions (PDF) are acceptable.

All modifications to project period, personnel, work to be performed, and payment amount require a subcontract amendment form. Personal and Special Services Subcontract Amendment form